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Chicago Con 2009 [Nov. 16th, 2009|10:07 pm]

Current mood: accomplished
I had an Awesome time at the Convention. It was alot of fun and I wish I could rewind time and do it again! :lol: I'm not going to bore you with all the details of what was talked about cause I'm sure most people are watching video of it on youtube but there are some highlights.
Alona as usual was her sweet beautiful self. I swear that girl has perfect skin. And she looked really cute with the braids in her hair. She also sang at the dessert party and sounded really good. She was very coy about the next eppy and said it's really good and it's her fave of all the eppys she's been in.
Traci was lots of fun on stage. She's so pretty in person and has a great smile. She had on this crazy top that was alot of red and a bunch of other colours. Very funkadelic. It was hilarious when she called her Mom and her Mom kept calling her "a little shit". So funny!! And she took pictures of the crowd. She also sang some Patsy Kline at Karaoke on Friday night. She sounded absolutely amazing even tho she said she thought she didn't sing very well. I told her what she could hear with the speakers around her and what we could was two different things and what we heard was made of awesome!!! Alona came over to Traci and said the same thing and a few of us told her the same thing I said to Traci.
Steve Carlson's concert was great. He was fighting a bit of a cold but that didn't make any difference in how he sang. He had a good turn out as well which I was really glad about.
Richard Speight's panel was freakin hilarious! He wanders around the stage and looks so comfortable. The stuff he comes up with and the stories he tells had me in stitches. In particular his funniest story was after he filmed the CSI scene, the guy who was playing another cop said to Richard, "hey I left something for you as a goodbye gift." So Richard goes to his trailer and there was a pair of pumpkin colored bikini briefs and he's all WTF?! So he goes around asking to see what was up, and then the guys in the production department give him the actual gift - beers and a thank you card. So, then he thinks that this is a prank from Jared and Jensen. And he joked about having to look up at them to ask and they looked down and said no it wasn't them. So, he can't figure it out. So finally, a guy from the department comes and says, "look we know whose underwear it is." And it's Misha's. Per Misha I guess the underwear was from a fan and he was eating soup and spilled it all on his outfit, so when someone on the crew washed it they thought that the underwear was Richard's, so that's why it was in his trailer! So he grabs the underwear and puts it up on I think one of their bulletin boards and writes something like "This smells like Cas" on the back of it. Hilarious!!
He also spent a lot of time talking about Changing Channels and working on that, how he loved the plot twist, and really enjoyed the sitcom scene a lot.
Aldis was so cute on stage. Although I wished he would have taken his jacket off and only had on a nice tight t-shirt on. I loved when he called his GF too. Total Awww moment. He was asked "who would be your leading lady" And he said his GF and he called her and told her that in front of all of us. He spoke a lot about Leverage, the technical parts of filming the fight scene in Supernatural, there was a lot of talk about him now knowing how to do some of the things they're doing on Leverage.
Jim was of course awesome! He's so funny and I love when he walks out with a jacket on and then takes it off and he usually has some kind of funny shirt on. It was something like "Kill em all. Let God sort em out" He's such a nutter. Misha interrupted Jim's panel and he comes out dressed in a suit with tie! Very dapper!! He said to Jim "I have a question. Don't you think it's rude that all these people come here and you can't even dress up for them and wear a tie?" or something like that. He's so silly! Jim spoke a lot about having to deal with Bobby now being in the wheelchair. He spoke about his book and how it has helped others and was a bigger deal than he thought it would be. And he spoke about Harper's Island and something he just finished with John Wayne's grandson, who happens to live across the street from him and has for like 6 years but neither one has ever met each other before. LOL
Misha looked absolutely amazing! He was still wearing his suit and He was funny and sarcastic as well and it was hard to get a straight answer out of him. He just rambles on and on and he's so entertaining. The hating Australia thing was so funny. I think he loves to make fans nuts. :lol:
The dessert party was yummy although they were a little stingy on the desserts and were slow to bring stuff out. Of course some people were making piggies of themselves when others hadn't had a chance to even go out yet to get some. I missed the celebs coming in and going table to table as we wanted to get some good shut eye for the boys in the morning. We did run into Misha for a second out in the hall. He looked a little confused about where to go. He looked hot tho as he was still in the suit from earlier in the day!
The J's were amazing. At the breakfast they looked kinda tired like they just crawled out of bed but once they started to wake up they really got going and were a blast. They both looked amazing of course. Jared in his plaid short sleaved button up shirt and Jensen in his black shirt and pants. They spoke a lot about Changing Channels and the last episode that just aired. They talked about working with some of the guest stars. They joked about getting new mopeds and that the ones that they had before were for 13 years and under and 120 pounds and under, so they have grown up ones now. HEHEHE

They ended with telling a story about an upcoming episode where Samantha Ferris almost killed them with a prop gun loaded with blanks and how it got jammed and she was waving it around in front of them as she panicked over what was wrong, and then freaked out over them panicking. The boys were so funny while mimicking everything that happened during that ordeal and they were jumping around the stage pretending to wave guns. LOL Jared kept playing with the microphone and it broke apart in the middle. Every time he touched the mic it would have bad static, so Jensen had to slap his hands away.

During their panel they were great once again. They play so well off one another. Poor Jared was sweating so bad and he got a box of kleenex and instead of taking a few he put the whole box down his shirt. The Jensen highlight during the panel was when someone asked about life goals and he said one of his goals was to become a father. *sigh* Total AWWWW moment!

They spoke a lot about Changing Channels. They also spoke about working with guest actors, especially playing with different actors who were playing the same characters, and working with Colin Ford and Brock Kelly and the guy who played old Dean. Both guys kept playing with their microphones and screwing the tops off and Jared mumbled something about "voiding the warranty" on them. Goofballs! They also talked about what they like to do in Vancouver and what they like about Vancouver and foods they like to eat. They spoke about their characters, how they are and are not like them, and Jensen had a question about Ten Inch Hero and that they wanted to put extensions in his hair but he knew it'd be long enough by the time they started filming cause he normally gets a haircut a week. His hair grows fast!!!

They were asked "What Disney character would you be?" and Jensen said Grumpy and Dopey. HEHEHE And some girl started off her question with "don't laugh at this, but I wrote my question down" and he and Jared bursted out laughing. And laughed WAY too long hahaha. Jared looked like he was still about to laugh again before they got serious.

And at the very end of the panel Jared was auctioning off a watch that he wore as Sam in season 3 and it was all going to charity for his mom and her school and students who were saving up money for a competition next year. And it went for $3500! Jared looked like he was about to cry, he was so touched. So he gave the auction winner a big hug. And I guess when she went up to get autographs, Jared gave her the shirt (from the set department of the show) off of his back!

They also looked like they were having fun during the photo ops which was just before the panels as well since they were smiling in everyone's pictures. And of course they looked amazing in all of them.

The autograph's after the panel they blew thru pretty fast. I think Creation had them on a tight leash. HAHA
Jared had a dark t-shirt with a v-neck and really short sleaves on at this point and OMG looked totally gorgeous. He was still glistening from sweat and he his chest hair was peaking out of the v-section of his shirt and his biceps were bulging. I nearly died at the sight! I'm a total Jensen girl but man Jared was looking WOW!!!!!!!!!!
I actually had a chance to congratulate Jensen on his engagement to Danneel during the autographs. I wished them much happiness and he said "Thank you, we are very happy" Of course he had this beautiful smile and a glow on his face. You can tell he is very happy!!
Julie's panel was after the autographs and she was cute as a button. She did really well on stage by herself. In VanCon she was with Alona & Traci but she held her own at this Con! She's also very pretty in person and has a beautiful smile. Of course she got asked about kissing Jensen and she said it's so technical that it's not romantic and there are so many people around while filming and she really couldn't remember.
Rob Benedict "aka Chuck" was after Julie's panel and he was so quirky. He's so much like Chuck in his mannerisms and the way his voice cracks when he's nervous and laughs. It's so funny to see that he's alot like the character. He really seemed to enjoy his time on stage and enjoyed the fans. He was asked mostly about the most recent episode he was in and about Becky "the rabid fan" and how Chuck loves her. LOL He also talked about the band that he is in as well. Can't remember the name of it tho.

After Julie and Rob's photo ops and autographs that was the end of the Convention. A good time was had and this is the first convention where a fan didn't ask an utterly ridiculous wanky question!! Amazing!!! I think the fear of the other fans going off on them kept them from doing that. HAHAHA Go us!!!!

That's pretty much the end of it all and it's looking like my last Convention since I didn't renew for next years. It's getting way too expensive and for the amount of time you get with the celebs I'm not finding it worth it anymore. I've been to 5 Cons so I've had lots of fun and if I had lots of money I wouldn't think twice about going but I can't justify it anymore as much as I love the boys and love seeing them. Photo Ops and Con pics will be posted soon.


[User Picture]From: spg_spn_girls
2009-11-17 12:38 pm (UTC)
Hey! great report! really :D Well just wanna ask, when you post Alona pictures would you let me post them at http://alona-tal.org ? :D
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[User Picture]From: lovejeter
2009-11-18 12:32 am (UTC)
I don't mind as long as you credit me for any that you take! :D
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